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Mediation of disputes

David Jenkin is one of SA’s best known mediators. He is a nationally accredited
mediator and has acted as the mediator in disputes ranging from family law
property settlement entitlements to a wide variety of general commercial

Family Law Mediations

As a result of the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, for the safety of all involved in any future mediations and to accommodate the new norm of lawyers and parties working from home, David Jenkin will conduct mediations via Zoom.

Zoom provides video conferencing facilities online, including the ability to hold initial intake sessions with clients and their lawyers, joint sessions and separate private sessions with parties and their respective lawyers.

This would require you and your client (if not in the same room as you) to download the Zoom app, so that you and your client can join the mediation conference. It is very simple to do.
Parties usually share the cost of a mediation equally, which via Zoom I anticipate lasting up to three hours.

For a three-hour mediation session, including the costs of organising the mediation and reading materials supplied to me in advance of the mediation, the cost would be $1,089 including GST, per party.

Where it is agreed that a party attends an intake session with me prior to the mediation, an additional cost of $545 including GST applies to that party.

There is no cost to the parties or their lawyers for mediations to be hosted by us using Zoom.

Feel free to contact David Jenkin should you require such a mediation on 0412 844 800 or via email at



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